Since receiving my LawKits, I have noticed that clients always pick them up when waiting in reception and because of their handy size they put them in their pockets or wallets too.

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A Personal Injury A Board For Solicitors.

LawBoards. Strong Sales A Boards For Solicitors

If you have a town centre, city centre or any High Street presence, are you making the most of it? Do people look into your office or do they pass you by without realising you are there? If you can stop someone in their tracks, you are halfway to getting them into your offices to help them with their legal needs. LawBoards are designed to do exactly this.

The LawBoard Range

We have a range of LawBoard messages for every type of legal service. The LawBoard posters supplied are easy to change so that the message can be altered regularly. For full details and a price list please complete your details below.

If you can not see the LawBoard you are looking for, we will be happy to prepare one for you. Simply email us on

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